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Aplinet SAS is an Information-Technology solutions development company, founded in 2009 as a result of a 10 year hands-on experience in software development and technology consulting to staffing agencies. The growing market’s need to rely on a software application that integrates every single business process, opened a window of opportunity to the first SORTTIME version, which combined full web functionality and database management. Our focus in developing tools that accurately comply with government regulations and clients policies, shows us as versatile, mature and very attractive those in pursuit of control and optimization of a company’s resources and processes.


Our purpose is ensuring service delivery by a highly committed staff, adding value to our customers through the innovation of information technologies that will allow them to monitor, supervise, control and manage every process of their company, contributing to business growth and consolidation.


Our vision is to be recognised in Colombia and Latin America by 2025 as an innovative and top notch information technology company, which enhances productivity and provides work and lifestyle satisfaction to internal and external customers.

Comprehensive Policy

Functional, usable and efficient Information Technology solutions were obtained for our Business Ecosystem, where we jointly define processes, opportunities and control the risks that lead to organizational strengthening strategically, operationally, financially and in compliance with legal and applicable requirements, for the improvement. Continuous Quality and Information Security, guaranteeing the principles of Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity of the ERP software and other information assets.



SORTTIME WEB is the information technology solution that provides you with total control and optimization of operational costs, dynamic and practical regulations compliance and staff productivity and processes efficiency. For further information visit www.sorttime.co


Aplinet has a team of highly trained and certified engineers with a vast experience and proficiency in information technologies, in addition to our expertise in processes like hiring, accounting, payroll, social security regulations, auditing, receivables, payables, purchase, invoicing, self-contracting, selection, shifts, BI and SGSST.


One of APLINET’s products main characteristics is its limitless features design. Due to the implementation of best practices, our tools certainly allow any kinds of integration. SORTTIME is an ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP) software.


From SORTTIME, a commercially managed ERP software, modules can be adapted to your requirements.


Aplinet SAS has social commitment and the environment, its developments and use of Information Technology is aimed at improving processes for good living as they are controlled processes, easy tools to execute and learn, saving paper, saving ink, savings in transportation and document transfers, among others.


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